New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "West Admits, Afghanistan Has No Military Solution"

West,  the  force behind  the decade-long occupation of Afghanistan and civilian casualties; the cause of sufferings and tragedies,  at last, has  come around to accept that Afghanistan has no military solution. This is in a time that more than 150,000 foreign troops are stationing in Afghanistan, maintaining their occupation of national independence and sovereignty of the Afghans.
Michel Steiner, Chief of UN Contact Group, revealed this in a meeting of the Contact Group in Jedda, Saudi Arabia last week. He was participating in the meeting on invitation of the Islamic Conference. He said,  the issue and problems of Afghanistan could not be solved through the war and   will not make it possible for the Afghans to reach the blessing of security and prosperity. He added,  political means of solution should be sought to end the war. Similarly, the Islamic conference declared at the end of the meeting that the decade-long war had  tremendously added to the sufferings and problems of the Afghans. Therefore, it was necessary to put an end to the military approach and seek means of political solution.
High ranking representatives of about 40 regional countries including those from the West participated in the recent meeting of the Contact Group. They  have expressed their disenchantment with the current war of Afghanistan in a time that a few days ago, Germany and Britain opined  that the war of Afghanistan was worthless. They showed their support for talks with the Islamic Emirate.
Last Week, some media outlets reported that US President Obama had approved a resolution which reaffirms an earlier withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan, citing the annual war expenditure of $100 billion as a  cause  for the step. This is because the tremendous outlay weighs down heavily  on the shoulders of the American people and   they are not able to bear it any more. America and her Allies’ resentments as regards the war of Afghanistan and emphasis on political solutions come at a time that the invaders used various poisonous, heavy and banned weapons against people of our country during the past decade. They continued their dreadful trend  of torturing, fettering and detaining (innocent people)  during the period and   suppressed  the throat of religious and national values of the Afghans.
The essential question now arises,  while the Contact Group, the Islamic Conference including the West consider the war of Afghanistan as a worthless and fruitless war,  then why they hesitate to single out   those  who started the war of Afghanistan, killed,  handicapped and displaced hundreds of thousands of Afghans  as the culprits and disclose the identity of  those  who  are responsible. Still more,  why they have been continuing   the unjustified and deadly war for one decade. Those who call this war worthless should also simultaneously call for trial of the callous planners of the war and  that they should pay proper compensations to the Afghans because,  in the first place,  they were those who began the war on mere pretexts and have been prolonging it till this very day.
Observers believe,  the American and Western rulers who cover up their crimes in Afghanistan and seek an alternative way of solution do not seem to have any remorse about their belligerent policies, but, contrarily, their people and economic foundation do not allow them to keep up the current pace of war expenditure in Afghanistan  relentlessly, or continue losing their countrymen.
We think, if the  Contact Group, the Islamic Conference and other circles really want to bring  the current war in Afghanistan to an end,  then the  solution is very clear and feasible–  they should withdraw 150, 000 foreign forces from Afghanistan unconditionally and pave the way for establishment of an Islamic System on the basis of the Islamic and national aspirations of the Afghans.