New video message from the Amīr of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov: "A Total War is in Progress, Fight the Enemy Wherever You Can"

UPDATE 3/4 8:43 AM: Here is an English translation of the below video message:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan, in the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
Praise be to Allah, Whom we ask forgiveness, seek refuge from the evil of our own selves and from evil consequences of our actions.
He whom Allah guides to the straight path, he will never be , and he whom Allah leaves, no one can guide him to the straight path.
I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.
“O you who believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die as others but Muslims”.
May peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you, dear brothers and sisters, dear brothers Mujahideen.
I, Abu Usman, your brother in religion, appeal to you and want to begin with the words of our great Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him):
Whoever died and did not fight or intend to fight died in one of the kinds of hypocrisy”.
These words show us that Jihad is the greatest act of Islam, that Jihad is becoming mandatory for the salvation of the Ummah.
Today, dear brothers, Ummah is in such a degraded state, in such a poor condition that Jihad becomes obligatory for all of us. Jihad is a fard al-ayn.
Today, children are allowed not to ask permission from their parents go to the Jihad, debtor may not ask the permission from lender to go to Jihad, today wives may not ask permission from their husbands to participate in Jihad as far as they can, and help the Mujahedeen.
Dear brothers the Mujahideen, we see in what disastrous state our Ummah is. Today, the Ummah is 1.5 billion in numbers, and we know that even .05% of these numbers of this Ummah do not wage the Jihad, .05% of this Ummah wage the Jihad neither with their souls, nor with their property. Therefore, we see in what miserable condition the Ummah is.
In this regard, I recall a hadith of our great Prophet (pbuh) when he told his companions:
“‘Peoples will fall upon you like greedy eaters upon a bowl of food’. And the companions asked the Prophet (pbuh): ‘Will that be because we are small in numbers?’ The Prophet (pbuh) replied: ‘No. You will then be too many but rather like foam floating over water. And Allah will take off from the hearts of your enemies fear of you, and cast Wahn into your hearts’. So the companions asked: ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is Wahn?’ He said: ‘The love for this world, and the fear of death’.”
And today, we see that our Ummah loves this world and hates death. Today, there exists such a situation, as it was described by the Prophet (pbuh).
I appeal to the Mujahideen: we are today the vanguard of the Jihad, we are today the saviors of this Ummah.
The Mujahedeen are on the forefront today. Why? Because the Mujahedeen love Allah, they love His religion and their Prophet (pbuh).
I want to appeal to the brothers in Dagestan, to the Mujahedeen. I want to appeal to the brothers in Kabarda, to the Mujahedeen, to the brothers in Balkaria, to the brothers in Adygea, Karachai, Nogai Steppe, Ingushetia, Nokhchicho. I pray to Allah for you. First and foremost, I want to bring condolences for the losses of the brothers who left us.
We know that they are not dead, that they are alive and receive their lot from their Lord. We know that they are waiting for our accession to Paradise, Insha’Allah. We ask Allah that He gives us faith and allows to join our brethren, that He gives us a degree of Martyrdom in the Jihad.
Today, we carry out the order of Allah and we are at the forefront of this Ummah. The spring came already, now it’s the end of February, so, brothers, I ask you to step up the Jihad, to intensify operations on elimination of the enemies of Allah.
I also want to appeal to the Muslim brothers, who live on the Russian-occupied territories of Muslim lands Idel Ural, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and throughout Russia, where Muslims live.
Do not forget that Jihad is also a holy fard al-ayn for you today. Do not forget that we are the one Ummah.
The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Similarity of the believers in their mutual love and brotherhood is similarity of the single organism. When one part hurts, the whole body hurts”.
Therefore, dear brethren, we are the one Ummah, we are the single organism. If there is the Jihad here in the Caucasus against the enemy that wants to destroy Islam, then for you it is also the Jihad, for you it becomes a fard al-ayn.
I urge you to destroy the enemies of Allah wherever you are. I urge you to destroy the enemies wherever your hands reach them, that you open the fronts of the Jihad.
Today there is a total war going on. It is not us who had declared it on Russia, it was Russian who declared it on us. When there is a total war, there are not peaceful people left. If we have been declared a total war, then Allah permits us to fight with them as they fight with us.
Therefore, today we have the right to fight against them the way they are fighting against us. I urge you, fight with them, destroy them. This is the order of Allah. And we, as God-fearing, sincere believers, must obey the orders of Allah.
I also want to warn you that you do not yield to puppets of Satan who promote their venality and promote how they sold the religion of Allah for this worldly life. They sold their honor, they sold Islam.
About these corrupt puppets, Prophet (pbuh) said that everyone will be with those whom they love. We know that these puppets publicly convey, always and everywhere, their love for Putin – for Taghut, and other infidel leaders.
We also know that all infidels will be in Hell, Insha’Allah, they will all be in Hell. And with them will be resurrected those who loved them in this life, i.e. they will be together on the Day of Judgment, and that suffices for reasonable people to come to their senses.
Therefore, the infidels are not an example for us. The example for us is our Prophet (pbuh). And so I ask you to resist these temptations.
In conclusion of my appeal to you, dear brothers, I want to say that I am the Emir not because I’m better than you. No, I’m worse than you, but today this responsibility lays with me, by will of Allah.
I want sincerely to convey my love to all those who are sincere believers in Allah and His religion. I love you for the sake of Allah. And I hope that we’ll be the inmates of Paradise.
May Allah help us on this straight path and save from those who put us out of the path. Peace be with you and the mercy and blessings of Allah, dear brothers.
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!

NOTE: Here are some key quotes via the AFP:

Jihad is becoming necessary for all of us. Spring has come, so, brothers, I ask you to step up Jihad against enemies of Allah.
Today children don’t have to ask their parents for permission to start Jihad, wives don’t have to ask their husbands’ permission.
I call on you to destroy Allah’s enemies wherever you have them, wherever your hands reach you may open a front… When there is a total war, there are no more civilian objects or civilian population.