New video message from the Amīr of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov: "Taking the Responsibility for the Moscow Martyrdom Operation of January 24, 2011"

UPDATE 2/15 6:35 PM: Here is an English translation of the below video message:
I seek refuge in God from the cursed Satan. In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!
Verily, all praise is due to God, we praise Him, we seek Him and we ask for His forgiveness and guidance, and we seek refuge in God from the evil of our own selves and from evil consequences of our actions, whom God guides, nobody can misguide, and whom God leaves astray nobody can guide.
I testify there is no God but God, and that Muhammad is the Prophet of God.
And then:
May peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you!
Dear Muslim brothers and sisters. Today, I want to address to you with this letter, a video letter. Before I address to you, I would like to ask the Almighty that He makes my words beneficial for Muslim people and beneficial for the Nation of the Prophet (pbuh). I am not getting tired giving praise to God who made me a holy warrior, who made me a Muslim, and I praise Him for putting me in the ranks of holy warriors.
By addressing now to you, I want at least one Muslim to see the truth in the events which occur in this world. After the special operation was carried out on January 24 in Moscow, we heard how all the politicians and clergy accused the people, who did that, of terrorism and, among other things, of being inhuman and barbaric evil doers. But look. This operation was carried out on my orders and, God willing, such special operations will be carried out in the future.
Look at the events which are now developing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. By what right do they kill our brothers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Algeria and all over the Muslim world?
Why is the Nation of the Prophet (pbuh) being destroyed today, as much as they like it, with every method they like it and nobody condemns this destruction? But when we carry out an operation, everybody comes down on us and tries to tarnish us and blame us. But why don’t they make assessments for themselves? Why are they trying to make barbarians out of us today? Look how they kill our brothers in every Muslim state, where true Muslims strive for freedom, freedom to profess their religion. Why is the whole world silent when they destroy and kill our brothers and sisters?
And when we answer to something for which we have a right to do, the world immediately pounces on us. Look at the events which are happening in Sudan, where the president (or Emir, I don’t know what he is called) made his first concession many years ago by agreeing not to rule by Sharia and the Sunah of the Prophet (pbuh), he should have known that this was only the first of many forthcoming concessions, and that they would tear him apart with all force. Look how the largest Muslim state is being divided and cut apart today. America and “Israel” are dividing the very part of Sudan which possesses energy resources, where there is oil and gold, where there is oil and gas, and taking it away from Sudan. Why is it that the world looks at these events so calmly and does not react?
Look, if now we are not given the right for freedom, if we are not given the right for profess our faith, under cover of the slogans that our faith is not ancient and our faith is short sighted, that our people are small in numbers, then all the rights belong to numerous peoples and their cultures, rooted in antiquity,
We are not to invent anything new in that case. Russia and America should simply acknowledge that the right to be the masters of the world belongs to China because it has most of the people and the most ancient culture. Therefore, it is necessary to give all the rights to China.
Today, this right given is given to every man, this right is given at birth by the Almighty, and nobody has the right to deprive anyone of this right anywhere in the world. Therefore, we, the holy warriors of Caucasus, are now striving for freedom, which was given to us by the Almighty, we are striving to make our Caucasus free, we are striving for human rights to be proclaimed in Caucasus, for the right for life because life is given by the Almighty and nobody has a right to deprive anyone of life but only under the right, under the law of God.
We want that Caucasus today has the right for freedom, the right for worship, the right for (political) convictions, and the right for justice, because a court can only be the court from God, according to the Sharia, the right for defending honor and dignity, the right for an asylum for the persecuted, the right for defending property.
I want to ask those who listen to me today, those who view me now: where are these laws observed today by these infidel states that occupy and oppress the peoples who have a right to be free in this world? Where are these states? Is it America, or “Israel”, or Russia, or China? Where are these rights respected? Nowhere! Nowhere! They are only declared on a sheet of paper. Their laws are used as a truncheon to beat you on your head wherever it is possible for them and wherever there is no resistance.
Look at the events which are happening in Tunisia, Algeria and many other Arabic countries. Do not be fooled that these events bring some benefit to the Nation of the Prophet (pbuh) or Islam. No. One puppets are simply being replaced by the others. If the slogans of God and the laws of the Sharia were really proclaimed there, if the Truth were present there, then all the actions would have been carried out by Muslims and these occupiers, the Americans, would have long bombed these cities. Simply, one stooges are being replaced by other stooges. And that is all. Look what happens everywhere where Satan is rejected, where their laws are rejected, everywhere – take Caucasus, take Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir- look at their methods of destroying our brothers and sisters.
There is no doubt about that: anywhere where is Truth, where events, behind which God would stay, take place, where the laws of God are proclaimed, where the laws of Satan are rejected, everywhere the infidels destroy our Muslim Nation, destroy our brothers, who proclaim these slogans. But the world is somewhat silent.
The whole world looks at us with condemnation. At it looks with sympathy at the actions by the infidels, by the Satanic regimes, and presents its feigned condolences. Why is it so? Because those people who present feigned condolences, those people who are at the top of the Muslim Nation and Muslims governments, they are puppets, they are henchmen of infidels. When some of them go too far and do not satisfy their masters any more, they are destroyed: they are killed or sent to prison or hung as in the case of Saddam Hussein. And they put other puppets at their place.
But I think it is time to awake. Life was given to us by God in order we sacrifice it to God. And it doesn’t matter how many thousand years we live in this world, our life will be taken by God in any case. Is it not better to bring our life as a gift to God ourselves and to fight in truth on the path of God in order to establish the word of God? What is more sacred for a man than to enter the Paradise? God willing, I hope that my words will open the hearts of our brothers and sisters. God willing, I hope that at least one brother or one sister looks through a clean lens at the events which happen in the world and at least one head in a Muslim community gets free from the garbage that those Satanic regimes put in it.
Today, we, the holy warriors of Caucasus, wage the Holy War in the name of God and in the name of God only, only in order to establish the word of God in Caucasus.
If you are interested in the events that are happening in Caucasus, then ask: why did out ancestors fight? Why is the Caucasian part of the Nation of the Prophet (pbuh) is scattered throughout the world? Why didn’t many generations of them ever see their homeland and died in other countries? They never saw their homeland. Why did that happen?
This is already a law of injustice, this is a law of Satan. There are peoples in Caucasus that have been totally eliminated. That is why we want to stop this injustice, it should not be so. Because God bestowed upon us our land, and God bestowed upon us our religion. God ordered us to wage the Holy War for our religion, for our land and for our honor. Therefore, we, the holy warriors of Caucasus, God willing, are carrying out the God’s order and, God willing, we will continue to carry it out. God willing, we will strive to establish the word of God on this land. And, God willing, even if there is no more Abu Osman, then, God willing, the generation that comes after us will establish the word of God.
These special operations, which are being carried out on the territory of Russia, they will be carried out also in the future, no doubt, because there will be hundreds of brothers among us who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of establishing the word of God and for the sake of revenge against the enemies of God because they are the enemies of God. God willing, I demonstrate again to you, I demonstrate to the Putin’s regime out there in Moscow that we do not carry out these operations on a regular basis because we want to demonstrate to the people, to the chauvinistic people, to the chauvinistic regime of Russia that we can carry out these operations at anytime, wherever we want to and whenever we want to.
This is a further demonstration of the fact that we are capable to carry out these operations regularly, to carry out deeper operations, more aggressive operations against you. But I would like not to shed so much blood and not to make such enormous sacrifices, I would like that Russia thinks it over and leaves Caucasus.
But I would like to ask again the idiots who now hide under the slogans of Democracy, in England or in other places, in Saudia or Pakistan or in other places, come on: where and when was freedom achieved without victims? Where and when was freedom gained without war? Where and when was freedom won without blood and tears?
Show me at least one place. Look at the states that make these declarations – America, Russia, China. Look, how many sacrifices they made when they reached their independence, when they established their Satanic regimes, look how many human sacrifices they made. Why was it necessary to make them? They had to submit to China because the Chinese have an ancient religion and China has the largest population. So why are they now trying to deprive us of that? It won’t do, God willing. We also have a right for our freedom and the freedom of our religion. And beyond that, we have an order from Allah to fight and destroy you because you are the enemies of Allah.
God willing, I think that my words today (I will pray God) were useful for the Muslims, were useful for our brothers and sisters. With this I conclude my address to you, God willing. And in the future, I also hope to see you and hear from you (Prayer).
We pray for the well-being of all of you by the Grace of God for Whom is all praise and Who is the Master of the whole Universe.
May peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you!
God is Great! God is Great! God is Great!

NOTE: The below video is the official claim of responsibility for the Domodedovo attacks, which occurred two weeks ago. This video comes on the heels of another video release two days ago where Umarov visited the base for the Caucasus Emirate’s Riyāḍ us-Ṣāliḥīn Martyrs Brigade, which you can watch here. Since I don’t know Russian I am relying on the Kavkaz-Jihād Blogs understanding of the video where the administrator of the blog states regarding this video (the way the administrator discusses the CE and Umarov should not be mistaken as my opinion):

In his statement, the Caucasus Emirate Amir says that he had ordered the attack in Moscow and that such operations will undoubtedly continue in the future. The Amir says that the Muslims of the Caucasus are at war with the Russian occupation army, in the name of Allah, to defend Islam and the people’s right to dignity, to liberate the land of Caucasus Muslims and to establish law and justice. It is to be recalled that earlier, Dokku Abu Uthman made a statement at the base of the Martyr Brigade Riyad-us-Saliheen together with the Amir of Martyr’s Brigade, Khamzat (ha) and a Mujahid named Seyfullah (ra) who has been sent to Moscow to carry the martyrdom operation. KC publishes the new statement by the Caucasus Emirate Emir Dokku Abu Uthman without cuts and omissions.