English translation of Shaykh Abū Sufyān al-Azdī’s [Sa’īd al-Shehrī] “Qaṭar: The Secretary of the Rafidites” from Issue #15 of al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Ṣadā al-Malāḥim Magazine

NOTE: Click here for the entire issue of AQAP’s most recent release of its magazine Ṣadā al-Malāḥim. Also see ‘Umar al-Jawfī’s “The Ḥūthīs And The Coming Project,” which was also recently  translated here and Abū Ubaydah al-Ḥaḍramī’s “A Dream Come True” here. Below is Shaykh Abū Sufyān al-Azdī’s [Sa’īd al-Shehrī] “Qaṭar: The Secretary of the Rafidites” unedited from the translation provided at the Anṣār al-Mujāhidīn English Forum.

Anyone who is following the Rafidite movement in the Arabian Peninsula can see that it starts and ends in Qatar. This is witnessed in the case of the Houthis in Yemen, and how the reconciliation and the cease-fire were achieved via the state of Qatar; and how this agreement became a (diplomatic) document for pressuring the Yemeni government. Indeed it is the Yemeni government that is now requesting the implementation of these agreements, and is conferring directly with the Qatari government to convince the Houthi Rafidites to calm down. Likewise (Qatar) intervened in the dialogue with the Hizb al-Lat, and in the area (which) was under the control (of Hizb al-Lat), and where they had established their reforms, at a time when it was assumed that Iran was moving events there, since Hizb al-Lat is after all of Iran’s military wing in Lebanon. What happened in the south between Hizb al-Lat and its Rafidite supporters on the one hand and the UNIFIL forces on the other made Iran intervene at the same (time) that Syria and Saudi Arabia intervened to calm the struggle between Rafidites and Sunnis in the region. What we witness today between Hasan Nasrallah and Sa’d al-Hariri, who represents the Saudi current in Lebanon, shows that matters are about to explode. Syria may have something to do with that, since this is to its benefit. Thus, is revealed the relationship between Iran and the lackey Qatari government, which is highlighted by the recent visit of Ahmadinejad to Qatar, which caused alarm among the Gulf states and was followed by visits by some Gulf leaders, and what happened in Bahrain after this meeting revealed the Rafidite danger in the region, and the danger of Qatar in facilitating Rafidite affairs outside Iran, and the coordination among Iran and its followers abroad.
In the late nineties, Qatar played a dangerous role in coordinating between Iran and the Jews. Iran was thereby able to take possession of the Palestinian situation through HAMAS and take possession of its leaders, so that Iraq took control of regional affairs through the Palestinian issue. The statements we see from the Iranian government today and how Hamas reacts to these statements with military operations on the ground of reality all point to the imminent outbreak of a new war in the region. The Jews (want) to finish the Palestinian issue. They therefore entered into public, direct negotiations with the lackey Abbas. By these negotiations, they want to calm matters in Palestine so that they are able to open a new front against Iran in the Gulf. Iran is trying by all means to avoid becoming involved in a war during this period, which is the Shia golden age in the region. They possess the military might and the political capability to expand in the region, so war is not in their interest at this time. Iran wants to achieve control over the governments of neighboring countries, as is now the case in Iraq and is occurring in Bahrain. It is expected that there will occur in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques and Kuwait the same unrest that occurred in Bahrain, and the rebellion against the lackey government. Iran is now racing against time to replace all the regional governments with client Shia governments. This will pave the way for them to destroy the Sunnis or convert them to the Rafidite ideology.
What is the role that Ahl al-Sunnah should play in these events, under the rule of such lackey governments?
The one who studies the scholars who are the leaders of the Ummah of Ahl al-Sunnah in the Gulf states, sees that they – except those upon whom Allah has had mercy – rush singing into the embrace of their lackey government or praise America to gain its goodwill or obtain the opportunity to appear on a television show on one of the satellite networks or on a website they are afraid might be closed one day. This is the case of many of them, except those upon whom Allah has had mercy. Or they are like the scholar who is content with taking stupidity as his banner and abandoning sources of information and what is happening in reality on the ground. Such one receives nothing but the government-run networks that broadcast news and so he issues his fatwas based on this news. He does not heed anyone who offers him advice revealing to him what is happening in real world to the Muslims. It has become his business to repeat what his government utters and thus societies become disengaged from what is happening to them. Moreover, some of them who claim to belong to ‘Ilm are raising the Muslim masses on a distortion of the creed of al-wala’ wal-bara’ (loyalty and enmity), cowardice in confrontation; humiliation before the enemies and prostration before their leaders.
As for the governments: They have lost security in their survival, and are confused about to whom to turn in these events, especially after they have seen their master; America shamed and humiliated in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have lost the ability to open any new front in which to defend itself or aid its lackeys. The governments are so ensnared (that they) are clutching at any straw that will rescue them: sometimes looking to China, at other times to India, then heading to Russia. There are arms deals to buy Russian loyalty, and other such blundering we did not reach us. But those shouting back and forth have no life. No doubt these governments will fall and people will be able to march with the Book in one hand and a weapon in the other to defend against the humiliation of the subjugation of colonialism.
As for the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula, goodness is latent in the coming generation, the generation of epic battles and conquests, Allah permitting. This is also the generation which is raising the banner of Jihad as an perception of those societies whose lackey apostate governments try to depict in their media as morally decayed people of confused creed and foolish dreams. Despite this media distortion, the fact is that the goodness still shines through Allah permitting. Even if the voice of corruption is raised high, the people of Deen are true and present to enjoin the good and forbid vice. If the media is capable of misguiding the Muslim masses away from the truth and reality that they are demanding, the Islamic Jihadist media has, Allah permitting, reached every house. It has been able, Allah permitting, to refute the errors of those who misguide and Ahl al-Sunnah, Allah permitting, have become aware of the plots hatched against them by their enemies. Praise be to Allah, they are starting to be aware of the reality of these governments, and see their clear clientage. This is a grace from Allah, even if they were cut off from arms.
Finally, we say to our brothers among Ahl al-Sunnah in Qatar:
The danger that is befalling Ahl al-Sunnah in the Arabian Peninsula is from the Rafidite Shia and from their lackey government. The assistance and aid their government is providing to the Rafidites will assist the Rafidites in occupying the entire peninsula. By Allah, what the Rafidites will undertake in the Arabian Peninsula is more evil and calamitous than what they did in Iraq. Fear Allah, people of Qatar! And hold back your stupid ones from us as much as you can.
Finally, we pray; all praise to Allah, Lord of Creation.
Translated From Sada al-Malahim Magazine Issue #15