New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "October 7 is Continuation of December 27"

31 years ago, on 27 December, the Red Army of the former Soviet Union invaded the land of the Muslim Afghan people by violating its sanctity. They resorted to committing genocide, torture and oppression against the miserable people of Afghanistan soon after that.  For ten years, they had been carrying out brutalities and atrocities.  But with the help of Allah (SwT) and the sacrifices of 1.5 million  Afghans,  the Red Army was  forced to pull out of Afghanistan. Not only that. Many Muslim and non-Muslim countries which  were chafing under the yoke of communism for many decades, found their independence once more. Thus the empire of atheism broke into smithereens.
Today the former Soviet union is no more thanks to the Jihad of the Afghans, nor traces of the Warsaw military pact exist but despite that, Afghanistan has  been burning in the flames of war, notwithstanding the colossal sacrifices of 1.5 million martyrs of the Afghan people, immigration of 6 million Afghans and many millions becoming disabled, handicapped, with women becoming widows and mothers losing their sons.
This time NATO under the leadership of America have invaded Afghanistan by dent of 150,000 troops. They have unleashed atrocities and brutalities on the Afghans  since 7 October 2001;  have martyred more than 200,000 Afghans; have tortured hundreds of thousands of Afghans in prisons in Afghanistan and other countries.  This spell of brutality has still been continuing.
Yesterday, the former Soviet Union’s Red Army had occupied our country under the tutelage of Warsaw Pact but today the Americans have taken the land of the Afghans as hostage under the arrangement of NATO. Yesterday, the Russians  claimed,  there was a foreign interference in Afghanistan and called the armed opposition as the mischief-makers  but today America calls her invasion of Afghanistan as a war on terror and calls the armed opposition as terrorists. Yesterday,  the Russians had usurped the freedom and our national independence and used to determine the fate of Afghanistan in the corridors of Kremlin but today,  the Americans have left the Russians behind in their brazenness to clasp the fate of Afghanistan in their reprehensible tentacles. The fate of Afghanistan is determined in Washington, London and Bruxel.   Yesterday a flag had been hoisted on the presidential palace in Kabul which was claimed to be the flag of Afghanistan and today another stooge flag is fluttering on the presidential palace. The Russians said,  their presence in Afghanistan had not negated the independence  of Afghanistan.
American and NATO officials claim the presence of 150,000 troops and the current brutalities unleashed by them to be the  signs of their friendship and  sympathy. They do not consider the presence of troops as a foreign force. A few elements who are Afghans by name only, called the Russian forces as being the friends of Afghanistan in an effort to support their presence in the country. Today, some debased elements who are Afghans by name condone the presence of thousands of soldiers of America and NATO. They  are trying  to find a palatable interpretation for the callous military operations, aerial bombardment, detentions and violation of the Afghan values. The invading Americans carve out justifiable pretexts for these atrocities.  But the Russians including the Warsaw Pact along with their tactics and strategies, brutalities, surrogates like Khalq and Parchm failed to afford constantly facing the Mujahid Afghan people but received a historical defeat. Their mastership at world level came to an end. Today, the Americans are following the footsteps of the former Soviet Union and  hovering over the  moribund edge of erosion–their strength played out, their arrogance is on the collapse and  their ambitions of mastership debilitating. They are seeking a way out of the country.
While condemning  both the invaders and their lackeys of the 27 December and showing our deep resentments in this regard, we pay our deep tribute to the sacrifices of the Afghan Mujahid people. We believe October 7 was continuation   of December 27 invasion. The Americans and NATO will face the fate of the former Soviet Union and the world will be saved from their claws of mischief-making and colonialism.
–Black be the faces of the invaders and the puppets of the invasions both of 27 December and 7 October.