New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Response in Reaction to the Recent UNO Report on Civilian Casualties"

The United Nations Organization has claimed in its recent report that, the graph of civilian casualties  in Afghanistan has spiraled up  by  20%  in the first ten months of the current year in comparison to the same period last year. The report is one among  series of reports released in this regard.
The UN has not given information about  the credibility of the original  sources of the data but added that in the current year, 2412 civilians have been killed in battles in Afghanistan, 76% by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate ( as per their claim)
This partial and politically-motivated report of the United Nations has been published in  a time that the UNO is yet to respond to the reservations and concerns raised by the Islamic Emirate regarding the  UN reports on civilian casualties.  Ironically, the UNO has been  continuing to publish such reports for the past years, accusing Mujahideen of having committed civilian casualties. The Islamic Emirate believes,  these repots are politically- motivated and tailored to meet the interests of America. So its has demanded an investigation to find out the veracity of the reports. Unfortunately, the UNO has constantly been publishing baseless reports and is not ready to take steps to substantiate  their credibility and trustworthiness.
Once again, the so-called advocates of human rights have raised the issue of civilian casualties for achievement of political and propaganda points but are not ready to tackle the issue practically and conduct investigation in this respect. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes, the recent report of the United Nation is based on figures, being their own guesswork, and, therefore, categorically refutes them.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is of the opinion that the release of the report is a propaganda stint aimed at concealing American brutalities.  In the past nine years, the invaders have killed tens of thousands of civilians which  tantamount to a  genocide,   which is still under way  at the hands of  the merciless Americans as per a well-laid out plan, particularly,  it has been going on in  far-fetched rural localities and villages in the past few years to terrorize people so that they will have to  abstain from struggling against the foreign invasion and occupation of Afghanistan for the obtainment of their legitimate rights and independence. The operations by the enemy  in  Kandahar and the night raids strategy of the American general Petraeus is an example on hand. As a result, thousands of civilian Afghans have been martyred, wounded, made homeless and detained.  A great number of common people have lost their lives, as a result of  cruise missiles attacks, carpet bombing and armed encounters during the Kandahar operations by the enemy. Whole villages have been razed to ground. Almost 50% of inhabitants of Dand, Panjwai, Zeray and Arghandab districts have been displaced from  their homes and hearths and from their plantation fields. The Islamic  Emirate is intending to release a video film  in near future about all these civilian casualties. This is an iceberg of the crimes which are being perpetrated by the American invaders in all parts of the country around the clock. Undoubtedly, the UNO authors of the civilian casualties report may  not have bothered  to have  an inkling of what have actually  happened.
We openly tell the UN, your report will be effective only in misleading those who  are not interested in  knowing the ground realities in Afghanistan. But the people Afghanistan have been witnessing the realities with their own eyes. They know pretty well the identity of those who are notoriously and historically known as murderers at world level; those who have built the walls of their empire on the skulls and blood of the masses;  those who have pushed the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and all miserable and peace-loving people of the globe into the oven  of war.
The Islamic Emirate believes,  the release of these partial reports will only damage the credibility of the UNO.  They have already  harmed the World Body and it  will  further lose its veracity in the eyes of the people.