Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2010

NOTE: Friday I posted my list of Books of 2010, which you can see here. Tomorrow I will post a list of think tank reports/articles of 2010. Below is a list of academic journal articles that I have either read or am interested in reading that were published in the past year. They are in alphabetical order by authors first name. If you have any other suggestions to the below articles that deal with global jihadism or Islamic studies, please feel free to let me know in the comments section. If you are not at an institution where you can retrieve one of these articles since they are behind pay walls, email me and I can send you a copy of the article(s).

Adam Klein — The End of Al Qaeda? Rethinking the Legal End of the War on Terror

Andrew F. March — Taking People As They Are- Islam As a “Realistic Utopia” in the Political Theory of Sayyid Qutb

Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen — Violent Radicalization in Europe- What We Know and What We Do Not Know

Degang Sun — China and the Global Jihad Network

Gillian S. Oak — Jemaah Islamiyah’s Fifth Phase- The Many Faces of a Terrorist Group

Heather S. Gregg — Fighting the Jihad of the Pen- Countering Revolutionary Islam’s Ideology

John Turner — From Cottage Industry to International Organization- The Evolution of Salafi-Jihadism and the Emergence of the al Qaeda Ideology

Lorenzo Vidino, Raffaello Pantucci, & Evan Kohlmann — Bringing Global Jihad to the Horn of Africa- al Shabaab, Western Fighters, and the Sacralization of the Somali Conflict

Marc Lynch — Islam Divided Between Salafi-jihad and the Ikhwan

Michael Kenney — “Dumb” Yet Deadly- local Knowledge and Poor Tradecraft Among Islamist Militants in Britain and Spain

Ramon Spaaij — The Enigma of Lone Wolf Terrorism- An Assessment

Rohan Gunaratna & Aviv Oreg — Al Qaeda’s Organizational Structure and its Evolution

Ryan Clarke — Lashkar-i-Taiba- Roots, Logistics, Parternships, and the Fallacy of Subservient Proxies

Simon Cottee — Mind Slaughter- The Neutralizations of Jihadi Salafism

Simon Haddad — Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon- Anatomy of a Terrorist Organization