The Caucasus Emirate is deciding whether Ottoman Turkish or Arabic should be their official language

NOTE: The below statement is from the Caucasus Emirate’s official media mouthpiece, the Kavkaz Center, and is unedited from its original form.

As Kavkaz Center news agency got to known, some time ago, the Caucasus Emirate Emir Dokku Abu Usman received a proposal to consider a question of the official language of the Caucasus Emirate.

This proposal was received in connection with intensive discussions among the Mujahideen and Muslims of the Caucasus Emirate on the matter of public institutions of the CE, a system of administrative management, national language, political and administrative, and legal terminology databases and other important aspects of building of a nation.

It is assumed that the choice will be made between two languages – Ottoman and Arabic. Both options have their arguments, advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, supporters of the Ottoman language indicates that an introduction of this language would be more effective and faster for the peoples of the Caucasus Emirate who historically absorbed in their own languages many words and terms from the Ottoman language. In addition, a part of North Caucasus peoples are Turk-speaking.

The Ottoman language, as is known, is an Arabized (80%) language of Ottoman Turks who established the Islamic Caliphate which existed for almost 500 years and had an enormous impact on the peoples belonged to the Caliphate, or had relations and contacts with them.

Despite the fact that after the destruction of the Caliphate and coming to power of atheists/nationalists, the Ottoman language has undergone a total re-turkazation (the Arabic script was replaced by Latin alphabet, a huge number of new Turkish words were invented which replaced Arabisms and Islamic terms, also the words and terms of European languages were introduced), new authorities were never unable to completely replace the Ottoman language from everyday use. Turkish nationalists were forced to retain it in legal science and law. Without the Ottoman language, the state machine of the new Turkish Republic could simply not function.

Supporters of the Arabic language as the official language of the Caucasus Emirate defend their position by the fact that it is the language of Islam and Muslims who are obliged to learn the language of the Koran.

KC sources do not exclude that the issue of the official language of the Caucasus Emirate will be submitted by the Emir Dokku Abu Usman for special deliberations.

Kavkaz Center