New statement from the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: "Repetition Of The Hackneyed And Fake Election"

NOTE: This message is from the Afghan Ṭālibān and unedited below.

Ramadan 23, 1431 A.H, Friday, September 03, 2010
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
The Americans are trying again to pave the way for some demagogues faces in the coming days to reach the corridor of the parliament, in an effort to give legitimacy to the occupying forces and the puppet Kabul administration. However, the short-list of the would-be winners has already been finalized in the American embassy in Kabul. They have selected characters that passed the America criteria. The invaders are confident enough that those selected will never ratify a resolution against American interests.
The Americans and the campaigners of the candidates know very well that conduct of transparent and open elections in a peaceful environ is out of the question in any area, district or province of the country. Equally is not possible that the 20% voters as per the American prediction will ever show up on the polling day.
The Afghans know that on this day, Mujahideen will target American military convoys and soldiers who are to provide security to the parliamentarian elections. Most of the candidates do not enjoy even 5% grassroots votes; some of them have already been detained by Mujahideen with the support of the people; some of them have been threatened or escaped from their residential areas to live in the Capital. They think that they will mobilize people in their support while sitting in Kabul. So in this dangerous and difficult situation, the American drama of deception will not achieve its target, despite the fact that they have spent millions of dollars and are going to deploy security contingents and units on this day.
It is important to note that the election has no credibility in the eye of the common man in spite of the fact, that the Americans have spent or are spending large amount of money and campaigns to bribe people are in full swing. But all these not withstanding, they will fall flat. No one can say that the parliament will ever live up to people’s expectation.
The sagacious Afghan nation knows that in any country under foreign occupation, all laws, regulations and assemblies and parleys are honed to pander to wishes and interest of foreigners. Therefore, as far as the people are concerned, all the efforts and campaigns launched by the occupying forces have no reliability in their eyes.
The Afghan people still remember the poor and demagogue record of the past term of the Kabul stooge regime’s parliament. They did not serve the nation, nor did boycott parliamentarian sessions even for a single day in protest to the incessant encroachments on our religious injunctions and national values by the invading Americans, or for their other sundry abominable actions that they committed; nor the parliamentarians led huge demonstrations and marches to condemn the blind bombardments and the killing of thousands of civilians during house searches conducted by the invaders, so that they might have proved that they are real representatives of people, not American puppets. But instead, they provoked racial, lingual and geographical issues, using the forum of the parliament. They did put forward proposals for disintegrations of Afghanistan. They engineered diabolical conspiracies to set stage for conflicts between fraternal ethnicities and tried to engage them in endless hostilities.
Now, the Afghans are well aware of the ploys used by the Americans against our religious principles and national traditions under the fatuous slogans of democracy. It is not possible that these fake slogans will deceive them any more. They know that during the past nine years, these committees, the parliament and other puppet entities could not solve people core issues like security, protection of the religion and people and eradication of poverty.
Now when America is on the descent, and it is itself seeking ways and means for escape, then how would it would solve these issues amicably.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan