New statement from the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: "Karzai In Vortex Of Corruptions"

NOTE: This message is from the Afghan Ṭālibān and unedited below.

Ramadan 22, 1431 A.H, Thursday, September 02, 2010
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
The CIA is making secret payments to top-level officials of Karzai administration despite the fact that the agency knew in  advance that its backing will amplify corruption, but it still paid corrupt officials, so that it can maintain source of information within Karzai government, because Karzai is not aware of the moves made by members of his own government, according a report issued in Washington post last Friday.
Among those on CIA payroll, Muhammad Zia Salehi’s involvement is much prominent, who had been captured on corruption charges, but was released by Karzai. Although Karzai denied the allegations that the top-level officials of his administration are on CIA payroll.
New York Times, quoted the dismissed deputy attorney general Fazel Ahmed Faqiryar as saying, I was forced into early retirement after aggressively promoting corruption investigation against the top-level officials. New York Times and Washington post cited another prominent official who has knowledge of what is going on in the palace, informed that Karzai operates a 10 to 5 million dollars money fund, which flows from Iran and other foreign intelligence services, to rewards the political allies in his administration.
Broadly speaking, Karzai, under the foreigners control, is heading a puppet multi-dimensional administration, whose members are morally, politically and financially corrupt.
Many comments had been made in the month of August, which have expressed the outrage of the masses as they have witnessed during the holy month of Ramadan the non-Islamic behavior of the corrupt top-level officials, one of those comments was address to the ambassador “Mr. Ambassador (Jawad) you are involved in sybaritism, extravagance, and dancing with wine, while the Afghan masses are dancing in blood and floods.”
On the other hand, Karim Khalili, the second vice president and his deputy are among the corrupts who, apart from other crimes, are involved in religion and national prejudice.
Karzai takes it as an achievement to have embassies and consulates in different countries of the world with the Afghan flag raising above, whereas he shows a total disregard for the suffering of the Afghans and disrespect of the Islamic and Pashtun values and traditions.
The question arise what would happen to the masses of a country whose head, nobles, and top-level officials are indulging in perverted activities, who’s role models are singers and dancers, who pay no attention to the future of the country’s development and improvement.
The imbalance and incompetence among the members of the parliament and judiciary and others such as Fahim, Khalili, Qanoni, Rakiti, Tanai, Rahmani Uloomi and so forth have affected the life and peace of the entire Afghan masses, and their crimes and corruptions are the direct outcome of the US invasion of Afghanistan.
Moreover, the nuclear bombs have been used in Afghanistan, the Afghan people continue to be massacred, while their country’s wealth is being looting, all this is being done in the name of democracy, which is nothing but American hypocrisy, a violation of the rights of the Afghan people and a disgrace to Islamic values.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan