New statement from the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: "Concerning Kabul Conference"

Sha’ban 08, 1431 A.H, Wednesday, July 21, 2010
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
American and its allies with the representatives from a number of other courtiers have gathered apparently to launch Kabul conference, the latest in succession of futile efforts, the ones ended into a failure as in the past, in order to hand over the military and administrative control of the country to the coming surrogate administration and review and monitor the past assistance evaluation.
Despite the fact that the US forces have deployed 1200 troops into the area to maintain a one-day security measure, while Kabul has been kept under constant observation by both aerial and ground forces for the past few days, barring the people from entering and leaving Kabul, Mujahideen targeted Kabul international airport which turned the moments of peace and safety of the US invaders into disaster and chaos and made the participants of the conference scared to death, has proved a categorical manifestation of Mujahideen’s military upper hand .
The International Community, which is to launch Kabul conference in a couple of days under the name of handover of the economic and administrative control to the stooge regime, has announced that 4.2 billion worth of drugs and other stuff have been smuggled out of the country via air over the last three years.
On the other hand, country’s security measure from military aspect, apart from financial corruption and malpractice, is so unreliable and unstable that the head of the country, in spite of the existence of 150000 occupation troops in the country, is unable to travel by land, he is to fly from one place to another into Kabul city, even for shorter distances such as Intercontinental Hotel in the heart of Kabul city.
With all the shortcomings and inabilities, the Kabul puppet and humiliated regime, by the order of America, is to be imposed on the Afghan masses, while the International Community, by its own admission, has declared the handover of the economic control to the failed, corrupt and disgraceful regime.
Kabul so-called and futile conference has proved that the America has lost the initiatives and is unable to resolve Afghanistan issue, whatever actions are taken in this regard have already been doomed to a failure.
As a matter of fact, the strategy being worked out by America and the actions taken by it are only to prolong war in Afghanistan and ensure the stay of the foreign invaders in Afghanistan; which is what the Afghan Islam-loving masses will never compromise on and will continue to much strongly resist against.
It is evident from the vague and terrible agenda of the conference in a sense that the America and the International Community intend to pull out of Afghanistan and pass the back, pinning all the coming destructions, humiliation and defeat on Kabul puppet regime.
How can a five-hour long stressful conference in Kabul whose some of the foreign participants, under the death threat, disembarked in Kazakhstan, while the others took refuge in Bagram airbase who were flown back into Kabul city, come up with succinct and rational solution to the financial, economical, administrative and security problems; which have not been resolved by the US invaders over the past 10 years
In fact, by making such futile efforts as holding Kabul conference, America wants to distract the global attention from its shameful defeat in Afghanistan, not to put an end to the agony and tragedy of the people in Afghanistan.
Thus, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as it has always done, regards the US invaders and their allies the only and main cause of the distraction, chaos, disorder and misfortune in Afghanistan; and considers the key solution to all this the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of all the occupation forces from Afghanistan.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is aware of the decisions made in the Kabul conference and the America’s prolongation of the war and its chaotic strategy, therefore call on the world not to support and rubberstamp its plans and decisions blindly but offer logical solution to help resolve the issue which may be satisfactory for both Afghan masses and the foreigners.
The Islamic Emirate will, by the virtue of Allah’s bounty and his help and in close collaboration with honor-loving Afghans, strive for the setup of the independent Islamic system; nevertheless, any honest and selfless service offered in this respect may be welcomed.
The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan