Best Articles of the Past Week – 6/5-6/11

Saturday June 5:
“Abu Walid al Masri responds to Charles Cameron” – Leah Farrall, All Things Counter Terrorism:
“Rhetoric and Reality: Countering Terrorism in the Age of Obama” – Marc Lynch, Center for a New American Security:
Monday June 7:

“Does al Qaeda Threaten the World Cup? Assessment, Context, and Implications for Understanding of the al Qaeda Network” – Charlie Szrom, Critical Threats Project:
Tuesday June 8:
“Exploiting Grievances: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” – Alistair Harris, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:
“Counterterrorism and democracy promotion in the Sahel under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama from September 11, 2001, to the Nigerien Coup of February 2010” – Alex Thurston, Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, ACAS Bulletin No. 85:
“From GSPC to AQIM: The evolution of an Algerian islamist terrorist group into an Al-Qa‘ida Affiliate and its implications for the Sahara-Sahel region” – Stephen Harmon, Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, ACAS Bulletin No. 85:
Wednesday June 9:
“Militants Seize Mecca” – Marissa Allison, al-Maktabah Blog:
Thursday June 10:
“Could Al-Qaeda Turn African in the Sahel?” – Jean-Pierre Filiu, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Carnegie Papers No. 112:
“Jihād & the Battle of Uncertainty” – Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī, Al-Fajr Media Center:
“Pakistan’s New Networks of Terror” – Imtiaz Gul, Foreign Policy:
Friday June 11:
“Muddying the ‘Taliban'” – Brian Fishman, The AfPak Channel: