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Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “The Sacrifices for the Sake of God”



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Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video Nashīd from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “Told From Me, Oh My Father”



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Ṣawt Al-Islām presents a new Nashīd from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “If I Was Killed”



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Ṣawt al-Islām presents a new video message from Ḥizb al-Islāmī al-Turkistānī [Turkistan Islamic Party]: “The Sisters in the Way of God”


Source: http://www.shamikh1.info/vb/showthread.php?t=182126

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New statement from the Global Islamic Media Front: “Congratulations to the Islamic Ummah for the Blessed ‘Īd al-Fiṭr, 1435 H”


All praise and thanks are due to Allah, whom we thank, seek for help and invoke for forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils within ourselves and our misdeeds. He whom Allah guides will never be misled and he whom He misguides will never find one to guide him. We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah alone without partners. We bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s slave and messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his progeny and his companions.

And thereafter:

O Muslims everywhere, peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

On the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr for the year 1435H, your brothers in the Global Islamic Front Front offer congratulations to our beloved Islamic Ummah, the Ummah of Muhammad bin Abdullah, the prophet of epic, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the Ummah of honour, dignity and rightful authority on earth, all in all the best people to walk the face of the earth. To its elderly and its youth, its men and women, fathers and mothers, adolescent males and females, knights and devoted worshipers, free and jailed, its mujahideen and its commanders, its populace and righteous and sincere scholars, strong and weak, elite and oppressed, those well off and the needy, rich and poor.

We bid farewell to the month of Ramadan, the best month of the year, the days of which pass faster than any other month. Verily Allah speaks the truth. He (Allah) characterized this month as one of only fixed (limited) number of days:

“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint, – (Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will, – it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew.” (Al-Baqara, 183-184)

The month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, spending the nights in praying and adoration of Allah, bountifulness, generosity, and hospitality and giving. The fortunate among us are those whom Allah has forgiven and saved their necks from hellfire. This noble month is the month in which Qura’n was sent down. It is the month of Jihad, great epics, victories, war booty and blessings. The days of the month have passed and here we welcome the blessed Eid al-Fitr. We congratulate our beloved Ummah on this blessed occasion. It is a special congratulation as this year’s Ramadan and Eid are special. We invoke Allah to accept from us and our beloved Ummah the fasting, night prayers, and good deeds.

Muslims over the years have congratulated each other on the occasions of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. However, the congratulations this year are special, because this Ramadan and Eid are special. Ramadan of this year is not like Ramadan of last year or before, and the Eid of this year is also different from last year and before.

During Ramadan this year, Allah has bestowed great favors upon your sincere children the mujahideen. He granted them victories after victories, and great conquests, and epics written with their blood about which history will talk. The Islamic Ummah has passed through great events during this year and offered sacrifices and Muslims shed blood like a river, in all the fronts of Jihad, from Afghanistan and Pakistan, passing through to Iraq, Sham, Lebanon, the Caucasus, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, the Islamic Maghreb, East Turkistan, Hind, Nigeria, and to all the occupied Muslim lands.

Our congratulations to you, our beloved Ummah, for these victories and conquests from Allah the Exalted and Almighty. Be cheerful and proud of your sons. You earned the right to hold your head high in the skies. By Allah, the Lord of the Ka’abah, it is the dignity and honour of Muslims that has been restored. The West has now started to talk seriously about a Caliphate that extends from China in the east all the way to Andalusia in the west as being attainable.

We send a message of congratulations to the lions of the jihadi media, and the administrators of the jihadi forums, who do jihad on the media front, defending the essence of the Islamic Ummah and its sanctities, and a reminder. We say to them to go forth in supporting the religion of Allah and His mujahideen guardians, and double your efforts and defeat the media of the Cross and the apostates. “O ye who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; that ye may prosper.” (Al-Imran, 200)

We also offers congratulations especially to our captured brothers and sisters everywhere, and in particular the captives of Guantanamo and captives in prisons of the Crusaders, Zionists, and the tyrants. We invoke Allah the Exalted and Sublime to bestow on you steadfastness and sincerity, and to bless you with patience while you are waiting for coming of the mujahideen to liberate you from the oppression of your enemies.

Our congratulations to you, our beloved Ummah! Yesterday, the West was mocking your sons the Mujahideen by saying they live in caves and holes in the mountains and the desert in Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan, away from centers of civilization and technology? But here they are, stunning the entire world with outstanding operations and military tactics and maneuvers, and amazing the apostate armies and their Western allies with superior intelligence.

Our congratulations to you, our dear Ummah! Every time one of your knights dismounted the West and their agents from our people would say that the Mujahideen were dealt a major blow by the loss of their commanders. Your wombs give birth to lion cubs that growl before reaching puberty. Why not? The saying goes: This cub is from that lion.

Our honourable Ummah! One of the results of the victories and conquests of your sons the mujahideen in the blessed month of Ramadan is that the dust settled and the banners became distinct and the masks fell.

Our beloved Ummah! Remind your sons that the marketplaces of Jihad are wide open, and the road to the battlefields has become much easier now than before, by the grace of Allah, especially in Iraq, Syria and Libya. The path to Paradise and the Houris are waiting for your sons who are staying behind. So enter into the transaction with Allah. Indeed, the merchandise of Allah is expensive, but the merchandise is Jannah.

Our dear Ummah! Raise your hand and invoke Allah the Exalted and Sublime with humility to unify the ranks of the Muslims, and collect their word to the heart of one man, and gather the ranks of the sincere mujahideen under one banner, as Allah the Exalted and Sublime said:

And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favor on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided” (Al-Imran, 103)

The spears refuse to break when bundled up
But if split they break into single pieces

In conclusion, we ask Allah to bless our Ummah with more victories over the enemies of the Shariah, to make the shots of their sincere sons the mujahideen reach their intended targets and guide them into making the right decisions on behalf of the Ummah in accordance with what came in the Holy Qur’an:

“And those who strive in Our (cause), – We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right.” (Al-Ankabout, 69)

We ask Allah to have mercy on the Muslims who have died already, cure their sick, provide sustenance to their needy, cover and conceal their exposed shortcomings and shameful conduct, and to preserve and protect their women and youth. Allah is indeed capable of that.

Our last prayer is praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, and may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon our Master Muhammad, his family, and his companions.

Was-Salaamu Alaikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

Eid al-Fitr 1435- 2014

May Allah accept all our good deeds


لا تنسونا من صالح دعائكم
Don’t Forget Us in Your Sincere Prayers

إخوانكم في
Your Brothers at

الجبهة الإعلامية الإسلامية العالمية
The Global Islamic Media Front

رَصدٌ لأَخبَار المُجاهِدين وَ تَحريضٌ للمُؤمِنين
Observing the Mujahideen News and Inciting the Believers


Source: https://shamikh1.info/vb/showthread.php?t=226350

The Clairvoyant: Colonial Caliphate: The Ambitions of the “Islamic State”

Colonial Caliphate: The Ambitions of the “Islamic State”

By Aaron Y. Zelin

By now, many have seen the variations of maps that “Islamic State” (IS) activists have posted online showing aspirational future areas of conquest. This genre usually encompasses areas that have been under historical Caliphates shaded in black, including places such as Spain or Greece that do not even have a Muslim plurality of the population today. Ultimately, IS (as well as other Sunni jihadi groups) hopes the entire world comes under its dominion. This is nothing new. But what are IS’s short to medium-term goals and how are they attempting to achieve them?

In short: its slogan baqiya wa tatamaddad (remaining and expanding).

All of this, is of course, contingent on any level of success and legitimacy, which at this juncture will be difficult in the face of most Muslims rejecting its “Caliphate” announcement as well other Islamist groups including pro-al-Qaeda jihadis.

The “Caliphate project” is a unique enterprise and one that does not necessarily play by the same rules most follow, since ultimately its goal is to overthrow the Westphalian nation-state model and the post-World War II American international system. The announcement of the renewed “Caliphate” could signal something more akin to a colonial project where the “Islamic state” seeks to incorporate non-contiguous territories. Already in Iraq and Syria, the areas it has taken control of are not all contiguous. Therefore, it is plausible that factions or groups in other locales could conceivably take territory and, having pledged bay’a (an oath of loyalty) to the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, thereby expanding the State’s Caliphate.

Where Could This Occur? Would It Be Sustainable?

Beyond IS’s hope to “remain and expand,” I have a nascent hypothesis about its unique use of foreign fighters. Unlike al-Qaeda, which has mainly used its foreign fighter contingents to train, plan, and then execute attacks in the West or Arab countries over the years, IS might have bigger plans for them. While IS would have no problem with dispatching foreign fighters for terrorist attacks out of theater (more on this below), they might also order their foreign fighter cadres to build up capacities for the expansion of its state once they return home. Further, it may also use them to infiltrate and subvert al-Qaeda branches and cells as part of its broader war with al-Qaeda for supremacy over the global jihadi movement.

The Islamic State’s colonial Caliphate project would find the most fertile ground in the Northern Sinai, Eastern Libya, and some of the neighborhoods in poor areas of Western European cities that are Muslim-majority. None of this is inevitable. In fact, the Islamic State would have some serious difficulties in pulling it off, especially in Western Europe. But the jihadi movement has never let feasibility stand in the way of its ambitions. Like many jihadi strategists have proposed in the past, they would hope to set off a backlash that could lead to destabilization and chaos. This is exactly what jihadis thrive off. We have already seen failed attempts in England to establish “sharia zones” by local jihadis like the UK-based Anjem Choudary, who has cautiously spoken out in favor of the Caliphate claim.

Besides the Islamic State’s ideological and narrative appeal, one of the biggest sources of its strength comes from its economic independence. Due to the spoils of war and criminal enterprises, they are far less reliant on private donors than al-Qaeda. Why is this relevant? Unlike al-Qaeda, the Islamic State has funding and can use its extra coffers to offer money to potential affiliates. It is a new center that can give resources to the periphery. In recent years, al-Qaeda has had more difficulty doing that.

The Islamic State’s economic independence is also germane because many foreign fighters have criminal pasts and therefore would have experiences and have no issue with getting involved in criminal activities if and when they return home. Additionally, those outside the center of the Islamic State’s gravity can leverage the criminal networks in locales like the Sinai and Libya. There has already been signs that jihadis have attempted to graft onto those criminal networks with varying success.

Similarly, one could see a scenario where Europe’s foreign fighters — many of whom have deep criminal pasts — return home and set up business rackets and other illegal ventures in certain neighborhoods in areas where they are from and run them like mafia bosses or gangsters. This could lead to a chilling effect such as no-go zones where European police are not comfortable entering or operating. Again, this is all hypothetical and not the current reality, but setting up such independent economic hubs in “statelets” could further the reach of the Islamic State, which has no time frame on its project. The success of such an undertaking would likely have an easier chance of working in the Sinai/Libya scenario due to lack of full state writ already.

Baghdadi’s Target Countries?

Following the announcement of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed Caliphate, its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivered a Ramadan address, which was filled with the usual jihadi platitudes. It also included specific “shout outs” to areas where Muslims are suffering and could be a clue to areas it hopes to expand its influence or compete with al-Qaeda. For instance, Baghdadi specifically notes the suffering of Sunnis in Burma, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kashmir, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Palestine, Egypt, East Turkistan (China), Iran, France, Tunisia, and Central African Republic. There is already known public support for the Islamic State or has foreign fighter networks that have fed itself in Iraq and Syria in the Philippines, Indonesia, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, France, and Tunisia. Therefore, if one wants to look to areas that are not in surrounding countries to Iraq or Syria these are potentially more immediate targets.

Closer to home, though, the Islamic State hopes to expand its reach in terms of linking up contiguous territory over “Sykes-Picot” borders. More recently, for the first time publicly the Islamic State has announced a presence in the Qalamoun region on the Lebanese-Syrian border as well as claiming responsibility for an attack in Beirut. If it hopes to expand into Lebanon, it will have to compete with the Qaeda-aligned Abdullah Azzam Brigades, which has years of experience recruiting. Similarly, while there has been support in Ma’an, Jordan for the Islamic State, this is a minority sentiment in the broader Jordanian jihadi current, which has been closer to and more supportive of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.

The biggest prize beyond targeting Israel (more on this below) would be provoking violence against the Saudi regime and claiming Saudi territory. The majority of the 1,400+ Saudis that have gone to fight in Syria (and now Iraq) have joined the Islamic State rather than Jabhat al-Nusra. Additionally, hundreds in the last decade fought with the group when it was called al-Qaeda in Iraq. Among them, some then went onto fight with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). There are also number of its foreign fighters that have returned home and other soft support inside the Kingdom. Therefore, it is possible that the Islamic State may rely on those already inside Saudi, Yemen, and its own soldiers in Iraq to create a three-pronged attack. While the Saudi government would have air superiority, it has no significant experience in quelling an insurgency (though Saudi has been successful in counterterrorism campaigns against al-Qaeda) and could prove more difficult if it was drawn out. This in of itself would be a win for the Islamic State, “remaining” sometimes is just as important as outright victory.

The biggest win for the Islamic State though would be becoming a real player in the Israeli-Palestinian fight. This would be easier said than done and would rely on a number of factors falling into place. In the past, the global jihadi movement in Palestine was more aspirational than a true force on the ground. In the aftermath of the Arab uprisings and with space filled by the movement in northern Sinai global jihadis have been able to make in-roads, albeit still a relatively small movement. Domestically, the continued failed governance of Hamas in Gaza and continued corruption and general illegitimacy that Fatah has as a result of perceived collaboration with Israel in the West Bank has also been helpful.

What could propel the Islamic State in the Palestinian arena is another Intifada. In light of the above wariness and failures by the status quo Palestinian political parties, there has been a rise in Salafism in both Gaza and the West Bank. Therefore, similar to Hamas’ rise in the aftermath of both the first and second intifadas, it is possible that the consequence of a third intifada would be that the Islamic State would be able to carve a space out for itself, especially if it is perceived as the underdog punching above its weight and giving blows to the hated “Zionists.” If this came to fruition, it is possible that because the Islamic State is fighting Israel, it would lower the bar for support of the Islamic State due to a legitimate, but, at times, irrationally visceral hatred for Israel even if the group that is fighting this “resistance” or “jihad” against Israel has authoritarian tendencies, too. As a result, it is the hope of the Islamic State in the medium to longer-term that if it wins the Palestinians, it will subsequently then win the Muslim world.

Fracturing al-Qaeda Elements

Another way the Islamic State could gain “ungoverned” spaces or build up its capacities and networks is through creating breakaway groups of members that defect from al-Qaeda branches to new Islamic State “territories” in places like Syria, Yemen, Somalia, or North Africa. The recent successes on the battlefield in Iraq (and now again in Syria due to a shifting of new resources gained in the Iraqi offensive) and the announcement of the Caliphate, the Islamic State perceives that this could push more factions, individuals, or groups to join up with its cause and reject the “out of touch” leader of al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Recently, in light of these Iraqi offensives, whether it is legitimate or through coercion, members and leaders within Jabhat al-Nusra in both the Deir al-Zour and Damascus region have defected, pledged bay’a to Baghdadi, and joined the Islamic State. There are also unconfirmed rumors that foot soldiers in both AQAP and Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahidin, al-Qaeda’s Somali branch, have some sympathies for the Islamic State. Thus far, we have already seen al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s Central Region officially splitting and supporting the Islamic State. We have also seen some members and a leader in AQAP that went to Syria to fight that have since backed the Islamic State, too. All of those pledges of fealty occurred prior to the Islamic State’s Caliphate announcement. Since then, the only relevant bay’a given was by a faction from within the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, a group known for its close ties to al-Qaeda, which itself had nine members defect to Baghdadi a couple of months ago.

The Islamic State hopes this trend continues. The biggest potential tipping point would be for AQAP to switch sides since it is still rightly perceived as al-Qaeda’s strongest branch. While AQAP’s senior leadership has loyalty to Zawahiri and al-Qaeda, in part because of its leader, Nasir al-Wihayshi’s mentorship under Usama bin Ladin in Afghanistan. One thing to look for going forward is whether the large Saudi contingent that fought with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and then returns to Yemen to continue jihad with AQAP decides to make a power play against AQAP’s senior leadership or attempts to fracture the organization and create a breakaway group while also taking members from AQAP with it.


One way that the Islamic State hopes any of these various potentialities comes to fruition is that it compels the West to focus more on its own homelands instead of security in the broader Arab world. This could be done through dispatching any number of the up to thousands of Westerners in its ranks to conduct terrorist attacks in the West. Thereby, creating a distraction for Western countries, while the Islamic State is continuing its hoped takeover of more territory and resources in the region. As a result, it is a misnomer to think that it is an either/or policy for the Islamic State to only be interested in just state-building or terrorism. As we have seen with AQAP in the past, the Islamic State will likely be in the business of both. For this potential plan to work out, though, the Islamic State will need to expand its support base beyond just its most hardcore following and address some of the skepticism and issues that top jihadi scholars like Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi have warned it about. Otherwise, all these aspirational ambitions will be for naught.

Aaron Y. Zelin is the Richard Borow Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the Rena and Sami David Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence. He also founded this website Jihadology.net.

Done Backdating and a Return to Regular Updates

Well, there were definitely a lot more updates on average during the two weeks I was off than normal, but I’m done backdating everything. Since there were so many things I posted, here’s a list below of everything so you can find them easily. I’ll have this post at the top of Jihadology through the weekend, though I’ll be doing new updates when they get released. There will also be a new Hizballah Cavalcade with some major scoop that hasn’t been reported on yet within the next day.

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GUEST POST: Gaidi Mtaani

NOTE: As with all guest posts, the opinions expressed below are those of the guest authors and they do not represent the views of this websites administrator.

Jihadology.net aims to not only provide primary sources for researchers and occasional analysis of them, but also to allow other young and upcoming students as well as established academics or policy wonks to contribute original analysis on issues related to Global Jihadism. If you would like to contribute a piece, please email your idea/post to azelin [at] jihadology [dot] net. Pieces should be no longer than 2,000 words please.

Past Guest Posts:

By Jonah Ondieki and Jake Zenn

Al-Shabbab introduced the world’s first Swahili jihadi magazine on April 5, 2012 called Gaidi Mtaani, meaning “On Terrorism Street.” In “On Terrorism Street” al-Shabbab subtly mocks the Kenyan army’s Operation Linda Nchi (“Defend the Nation”) by naming its own operation, Operation Linda Uislam (“Defend Islam”). The online magazine’s colourful style and well-edited and formatted articles places it among the elite of online Jihadist publications, similar to al-Qaeda’s now inactive Inspire and the Turkistan Islamic Party’s (TIP) Islamic Turkistan.

As always, the language of choice for this publication, Swahili, matters. Evidently, al-Shabbab wants to appeal to the Kenyan street. Al-Shabbab’s own constituency in Somalia would only understand Somali and, to a lesser extent, Arabic. Kenyan elites would be more attracted to an English publication than Swahili given that English is the language of education and the upper class in Kenya. Al-Shabbab may be trying to win over lesser-educated Muslims in Northern Kenya to al-Shabbab’s cause or to convince Kenyans of all stripes that the propaganda they see on television about the Kenyan army’s success in Somalia is untrue.

Alternatively, the publication may be a way for al-Shabbab to tell jihadis that al-Shabbab considers Kenya another one of its enemies, as evidence by the use of Swahili—not English, Somali or Arabic. On the Somali online jihadi forum, al-Qimmah, al-Shabbab has released other warnings to the Kenyan government, but the “Gaidi Mtaani” publication in Swahili, which was released on the Shamukh al-Islam forum, will reach a more diverse audience than statements on al-Qimmah.

Below is a summary translation of some of the main points included in the publication:

Operation Linda Uislam (Operation protect Islam)

Many Muslims believe that any attack on them (such as the incursion of Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) into Somalia) is instigated from the West. The basis that Kenya used to start the attack was not sufficient to justify its attack on al-Shabbab, but was part of the wider scheme of the influence of the unbelievers (kafir) of the Western world. The reason was a mere fabrication to validate their attack on Islam.

It is clear that the Western media has been successful in shading Muslim believers in a bad light. It has created an impression that the believers of God, who are fighting according to God’s will are followers and sympathizers of terrorism. The Western journalists are experts of deceit who have even managed to deceive some Muslims to believe their slander!

The fact is that they are trying to misrepresent the mujahidin by spreading false information and magnifying their small mistakes to look like big crimes. They are sowing a seed of hatred amongst them, their leaders and followers. On the other hand, they seem to praise the West and justify their wickedness. Therefore, Muslims are urged not to rely on such news sources until they are validated by true Islamic sources. However, some news such as that of weather can be relied on.

Protecting the Mujahidin

The prophet of God (Mohammad) says, “Whoever shall protect the reputation and name of his brother, God shall deliver his face from the furnace of jehannam (hell) at the day of judgement (from Al Tirmithi).” He continues saying that, “anybody who shall betray a fellow Muslim, his reputation shall be destroyed and God will forsake him at the time of need…” therefore Muslims are urged to defend their Muslim brothers all the time.

The British Betrayal of Muslims

History is very clear about how the British related with Muslims in the East African coast in the colonial period. The massacre, persecution and other inhumane acts that they did to Muslims are evidence of how they hate humanity. Their image today of being in the front line in defending human rights is superficial because underneath lies the crimes against humanity they perpetrated especially on Muslims. The British activities of fighting Islam are well known and are not a new thing. For example they took Palestine’s land and gave it to Jews. This is a proof that they can take land that duly belongs to Muslims and give it to their enemies.

In the case of East Africa; in 1895, the British government was given a coastal strip of 10 miles by the Sultans of Zanzibar. These Zanzibar leaders entered into a treaty which had one of its articles state that “Britain will not apply any Christian law on any party of the coast UNLESS Kenya attained independence or they consent to change the religion of the coast six months in advance.” These unwise poor sultans of Zanzibar made religion a commodity for transaction with the British authorities.

In the Lancaster meeting of 1962-63 which was to write the Kenya constitution, it was agreed that that coastal strip shall remain under the jurisdiction of the independent Kenyan government. We are not trying to mean or imply that the coastal Kenya should secede from the mainland Kenya. Not at all! We are trying to make the reader to understand how the Islamic religion was joked about.

Britain was a key player in dislodging Palestinians in favour of the Jews and selling the Muslim land in the Kenyan coast to the Kenyan government. Today the same thing is happening in Somalia where they are assisting to cast down Islam that is defended by al-Shabbab. They have been envying the Islamic growth in Somalia for the past 20 years, thus they now support the AMISOM, Ethiopian troops and now the KDF incursion into Somalia to disrupt the Islamic systems. But their efforts will not prevail over God.

The recent London Conference on Somalia was sponsored by Britain. The inner motive was to topple the Islamic systems by collaborating with Kenya together with other African countries and the world. If you carefully look at what is going on in Kenya and Somalia then you will vividly understand the real intention.

Just a few days before the conference, Kenya had given a contract to Total to start exploring oil on the coast. Later we saw British and American companies sign a contract to mine oil in Puntland. Moreover, just the other day we saw the Kenyan president, Ethiopian PM and the South Sudan president converge in Lamu to launch the construction of the Port of Lamu. It is sad that other nations are using the Somalia situation to advance their economic development instead of helping Somalia back to peace by strengthening Islam because Somalia was peaceful when it was under Islamic rule.

If Kenya is going to be the Israel of Africa and Somalia the Palestine of Africa then we must not allow that. Every Muslim wherever you are ask yourself whether you are defending Islam from attack by the unbelievers (kafir) or you are supporting the attack.

10 ways of recognizing an undercover spy

  1. He will disguise himself and start establishing friendship with the one he is interested in investigating just as a normal person.
  2. A few elements of lies will start surfacing. You will note this when he will use long explanations to defend himself whenever he contradicts himself. For example he may claim to be a college student and you may see him in a cyber cafe or the mosque during class hours.
  3. The spy might claim that he is one of the mujahidin or he is a shaykh or that he has contacts with other mujahidin or shaykhs. You have got to be careful.
  4. The spy will always claim to be busy with either studies or a job. This is to make him not to be involved in jihad. However, do not rely on this characteristic alone for even normal Muslims have it, but cross-examine with other characteristics discussed here.
  5. The spies will always direct a talk to what they are interested in. They can, for example, ask if you would like to participate in a jihad and what kind of weapons you would prefer to use.
  6. Usually a spy will never rebuke you when you are wrong! For instance, if you smoke or listen to secular music or put up images/pictures on the wall of your house.
  7. He will always show trust to you. He might claim that he saw you in the mosque once. He can even insinuate that he would like to participate in a jihad or a hijra (emigration).
  8. Ask yourself why they want to be with you and not others. Ask yourself questions why they don’t want to do an operation alone but with you.
  9. Once you ascertain that that person is indeed a spy, stop any further engagement with him. It may be even necessary to change your contact details. If possible, give him a reason for disassociating yourself.
  10.  All has been said but the most important thing is depending on God for all.

A message from a KDF captive in Somalia

When the KDF invaded Somalia, they thought things would be smooth for them. They have however faced real resistance. Major Chirichiri and Col. Cyrus Oguna are simply lying to Kenyans that KDF is doing pretty well on the battlefield. The fact is they have not been able to advance past Qoqani.

According to the video released by Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahidin showing one of the Kenya captives by the name Mulle, Yesse Edward (a former Distict Officer of Burdei) pleading with the Kenyan government to withdraw its army from Somalia, Kenya seems to be losing. 

Islamic Law on war captives 

When we talk about law on captives we do not imply the ‘Geneva convention.’ Islam has particular laws that guide them when dealing with war captives. Islam does not distinguish a trained soldier and a civilian. Both have a duty to take part in a jihad. You are either fighting to defend Islam or against Islam. That is the distinguishing factor. Period!

When Kenya decided to invade Somalia, it got herself into the list of the countries that are fighting Islam. It is therefore imperative for Kenya to be aware of where they have plunged themselves. Therefore, every Kenyan should know that he/she doesn’t have any difference from the KDF members in Somalia and the fate will be the same.

The case of Mulle and other captives, Al-Shabaab may set them free unconditionally, kill them or set them free on conditions just the way they have said that they will release him and others on condition that the Kenyan government withdraws the KDF.

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