New statement from the The Muslim Youth Center: “End Humiliation of Muslims!”

Mererani, (1/08/2012) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia is increasingly concerned at the impunity that the Kuffar Kenyan government enjoys in the name of fighting the war on terrorism in humiliating our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kenya. As part of AQEA, MYC is advising its members in East Africa to be alert at all times and prepare for the weeks ahead as our brothers Al-Shabaab in Somalia commence battle with the Kuffar coalition.

Recently, on 30/07/2012 the Kuffar conducted an illegal raid on a cyber café at Mumbai shopping mall in Majengo. Immediately, the Kuffar asked the cyber café customers who was a Muslim and who were Christians. The Christians were release without charge and the Muslims were all arrested on terrorism-related charges. MYC is currently trying to establish more details of the brothers arrested. It is clear now that using a cyber café if you are a Muslim in Kenya in now a crime.

The raid on Monday was another attempt to weaken the Muslim Ummah in Kenya and make Muslims slaves to the Kuffar.  This objective is but a Kuffar dream that will never happen.

MYC is urging the Kuffar Kenya security agencies to listen carefully to Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali’s (May Allah protect him to complete his jihad against Kenya) video message on humiliating Muslims in Kenya. In his message he warned Kenya to stop humiliating Muslims. MYC also reminds the Kuffar Kenya security agencies to read and re-read the first edition of “Gaidi Mtaani.  The message there is clear. The impunity that Kenya seeks to enjoy in humiliating Muslims will end with Muslims rising up against you under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali. Our struggle against you is a struggle past on from generation to generation.

To MYC members in Kenya and Tanzania, we ask you to remain alert and prepared. May Allah make you all firm in this religious struggle against the Kuffar.


Press Office