As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī: “To Our People in Libya”

UPDATE 3/15 7:36 AM: Here is an English translation of the below message:

UPDATE 3/14 8:19 AM: Here is an Arabic transcription of the below video message: Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī — “To Our People in Libya” (Ar)

NOTE: Here are some other al-Qā’idah releases related to the various Arab uprisings:


  1. […] NOTE: About three weeks ago, ’Aṭīahllah Abū ‘Abd ar-Raḥman also released a booklet titled “The Popular Revolution and the Fall of the Corrupt Arab System.” The below video also comes on the heels of fellow Libyan and AQ senior leader Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī’s video message “To Our People in Libya.” […]

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