Kavkaz Center reports the Emir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku (Abu Usman) Umarov named Emir Aslambek as his successor

Emir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Abu Usman has officially announced the appointment as his deputy (naib) and future successor, case of his death, the commander of the Eastern Front of the Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate Emir Aslambek (Aslambek Vadalov).

In a special message sent to commanders and governors of the provinces of the Caucasus Emirate, Dokku Abu Usman indicated that he took this decision after careful consideration, in connection with the importance of succession of power and the need to be ready for any situation.

Emir of the Caucasus Emirate urged Mujahideen to accept his choice and emphasized that in case of his death, commanders of the Mujahideen and governors of provinces of the Caucasus Emirate should pledge bayat (oath) to Emir Aslambek and obey him as long as long as Emir Aslambek obeys Sharia of Allah and adheres to Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Emir of CE Dokku Abu Usman also appointed as Wali (governor) of Province Nokhchicho (AKA Chechnya) of the Caucasus Emirate the deputy commander of the Eastern Front of the Armed forces of the Caucasus Emirate Hussein Gakayev (Emir Mansur).

Kavkaz Center


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