1 Reply to “al-Katāi'b Media presents a new video message from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: "A Message From One of the Kenyan Prisoners"”

  1. Mule this is your friend Vero, am praying for you,am touched that you are paying for a crime that you haven’t committed.That very government you have served diligently should take your plight into account and ensure that you are safe.To the people holding you,I thank you for keeping Mule alive,its a sure sign of humanity,please let him be free,he needs to start a family and have somebody to inherit his name.God is alive Mule,if only I could do more than just writing,believe me I would be there with you,my sincere prayers to Allah,may He that gives and takes life be with you and ensure that you return home safe and alive.

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