Articles of the Week – 11/5-11/11

Saturday November 5:

The Birth of a Custom: Nomads, Sharīa Courts and Established Practices in the Tashkent Province, ca. 1868-1919 – Paolo Sartori, Islamic Law and Society:

Wahhābī Legal Theory as Reflected in Modern Official Saudi Fatwās: Ijtihād, Taqlīd, Sources, and Methodology – Muhammad al-Atawneh, Islamic Law and Society:

Sunday November 6:

On Flags, Islamic History, and al-Qa’ida – Aaron Y. Zelin, al-Wasat:

Monday November 7:

Wahhabism: A Forgotten Legacy of the Bosnian War – Sarah Schlesinger, The National Review:

Black Flag – Will McCants, Foreign Policy:

Wednesday November 9: 

Online Territories of Terror – Utilizing the Internet for Jihadist Endeavors – Nico Prucha, Orient:

Even more on Libya’s weapons – Andrew Lebovich, al-Wasat:

Thursday November 10:

Have the Taliban changed their tune? – Kate Clark, The AfPak Channel: