Articles of the Week – 4/30-5/6

Saturday April 30:

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, 1945-1958: Founding, Social Origins, Ideology – Joshua Teitelbaum, Middle East Journal:

Why Don’t Jihadi Orgs Tweet? – Will McCants, Jihadica:

Monday May 2:

OBL is no more; some quick thoughts – Leah Farrall, All Things Counterterrorism:

So We’ve Killed Osama Bin Laden; What Happens Next Matters – J.M. Berger, IntelWire:

Bin Laden’s Death Shatters Conventional Wisdom – Bruce Hoffman, The National Interest:

Bin Laden’s Death Leaves a Gaping Hole – Will McCants, Foreign Policy:

The bin Laden aftermath: The Internet jihadis react – Aaron Y. Zelin, AfPak Channel:

Bin Laden Video and Message Archives: In the end, the messages were Bin Laden’s undoing – Laura Mansfield:

What if Al Qaida Goes Away – Mark Stout, On War and Words:

Tuesday May 3:

What’s the jihadis’ game plan in Syria? – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica:

Wanted: Charismatic Terror Mastermind. Some Travel Required – Leah Farrall, Foreign Policy: