New statement from Shaykh Abū Basīr al-Ṭarṭūsī: “Secular Scholars”

UPDATE 3/12 9:07 AM: Here is a French translation of the below statement:

Shaykh Abū Basīr al-Ṭarṭūsī — “Secular Scholars” (Fr)

NOTE: al-Ṭarṭūsī is a Syrian Islamist who lives in London. al-Ṭarṭūsī is considered one of the most influential jihādī theorists. For instance, as highlighted by Vahid Brown on Jihadica, al-Ṭarṭūsī has 200 works in the jihādī text collection “A Mujāhid’s Bookbag.” Also, in the past al-Ṭarṭūsī has condemned Dr. Faḍl for his revisions and Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī for a variety of what al-Ṭarṭūsī views as problematic rulings.

Shaykh Abū Basīr al-Ṭarṭūsī — “Secular Scholars”