al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula releases Issue #16 of its Arabic language magazine Ṣadā al-Malāḥim

UPDATE 2/16 8:32 AM: Flashpoint Intel has translated two of the articles from the below magazine:

UPDATE 2/15 3:59 PM: Check out Gregory Johnsen’s take on the first article in the below magazine that is about the uprising in Tunisia titled “To Our People in Tunisia Don’t Waste What You Gained” on page three.

NOTE: For those who know Arabic I would highly recommend reading through this since it will provide more insight into AQAP than Inspire Magazine, especially with regard to internal Yemeni affairs. Previous issues: #15, and #14. If you are interested in any other previous issue send me an email and I will send you a copy.

There is a new article on page 15 from AQAP’s deputy leader Abū Sufyān al-Azdī (Sa’īd al-Shehrī) titled “Muslim Pride.” It was recently reported that Sa’īd al-Shehrī was killed, but there has been no confirmation yet from AQAP. There is also a new one from AQAP’s top Sharī’ah official Shaykh Abū Zūbayr ‘Adīl bīn ‘Abdullah al-Abāb on page 25 titled “Independence of the Religious Scholars.” Also featured are articles on the parcel bomb plot, the Ḥūthīs, and Somalia.

Click here for the original in Arabic: Sada al-Malahim Issue #16