Articles of the Week – 1/22-1/28

Saturday January 22:

Hamburg´s Jihadi Legacy – German Town Invaded by Islamists – Florian Flade, Jih@d Blog:

Return of The German Taliban? – Florian Flade, Jih@d Blog:

Sunday January 23:

Second thoughts on the overthrow of Ben Ali – Kal, The Moor Next Door:

You too can be Anwar al-Awlaki – Jarret Brachman & Alix Levine, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs:

Monday January 24:

Hitting the Blind-Spot- Review of Jean-Pierre Filiu’s “Apocalypse in Islam” – Charles Cameron, Jihadology:

New issue of the International Journal of Middle East Studies released:

Entering a new dimension – Jihad via Bluetooth (Part 1) – Nico Prucha, Jihadica:

A Jihadist Manual on Intelligence – Mark Stout, Spy Blog:

Tuesday January 25:

ICT’s Jihadi Websites Monitoring Group releases its Periodical Review: Fatwas – November-December 2010:

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Volume 34 Issue 2 2011 released:

Wednesday January 26:

Was Daghestan Jamaat Behind Domodedovo Bombing? – Liz Fuller, The Caucasus Report:

Jihad Vault: Building an Archive of American Online Jihad – Marisa Urgo, Making Sense of Jihad:

Thursday January 27:

Hezbollah’s Double Standards: Tunisia and Iran – Christopher Anzalone, Informed Comment:

Retribution, Reconciliation and the Stoning of Siddiqa and Khayyam – Christian Bleuer, Ghosts of Alexander:

Some contrarianism on Yemen protests; or: No, Daily Dish- not “NOW YEMEN?!?!” – Brian O’Neill, Always Judged Guilty:

Al Qaeda loses bridge to the West – Christopher Anzalone, The AfPak Channel: