Articles of the Week – 1/1-1/7

January 1:

Elif Medya to return – Mr. Orange’s War Tracker:

January 2:

al-Qimmah forum: current status – Aaron Weisburd, Internet Haganah:

January 3:

From the Pen to the Sword – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica:

January 4:

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Volume 34 Issue 1 2011 was released:

January 5:

The Rise of Muslim Foreign Fighters- Islam and the Globalization of Jihad – Thomas Hegghammer, International Security:

January 6:

And…. We’re Back. FP Terrorism Survey – Jarret Brachman:

The Role of Egyptian Militants in Developing al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – Hani Nasira, Terrorism Monitor:

Al-Shabaab Desertions Increase in Southern Somalia – Muhyadin Ahmed Roble, Terrorism Monitor:

The Tribes of Yemen: A Threat to Stability or Asset to Unification? Part One – Michael Horton, Terrorism Monitor:

January 7:

Password-protecting the forums [al-Shmukh and at-Tahadi] – Aaron Weisburd, Internet Haganah: