Articles of the Week – 10/30-11/5

Saturday October 30:

Bombs from Yemen – Gregory D. Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:

Shari’ah is not the law – Amina Wadud, Religion Dispatches:

Sunday October 31:

Top jihadi forums of 31 October, 2010 – Aaron Weisburd, Internet Haganah:

Ignoring Yemen at Our Peril – Gregory D. Johnsen, Foreign Policy:

Monday November 1:

Some thoughts on the printer plot and AQAP – Leah Farrall, All Things Counter Terrorism:

Looking Ahead in Mogadishu: Tough Decisions – Katherine Zimmerman, Critical Threats Project:

Tuesday November 2:

What Yemen Wants – Steven Sotloff, The National Interest:

Wednesday November 3:

Terrorism and Politics in Mauritania – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Is There a Significant Distinction Between “al Qaeda” & “al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”? – Robert Chesney, Lawfare:

Assessing “The Vision of the Jihaadi Movement” – Mark Stout, On War and Words:

Thursday November 4:

Reflections on Osama bin Laden, and his continuing relevance – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, LWJ Threat Matrix:

Friday November 5:

10 Reasons Why Blocking Awlaki Youtube Speeches is Counter-Productive – Howard G. Clark, Free Rad!cals: