Articles of the Week – 10/9-10/15

Sunday October 10:

Meet a Jihobbyist: My (Surprising) Final Reflections – Jarret Brachman, Cronus Global:

Monday October 11:

Inspire 2 Lives Up to Its Name – Jarret Brachman, Cronus Global:

Inside Talibanistan – Peter Bergen, Brian Fishman and Katherine Tiedemann, Foreign Policy:

Watching the Watchers – Jarret Brachman, Foreign Policy:

Al Qaeda Wants to Be Friends – Jarret Brachman, Foreign Policy:

The Internet Jihad – Jarret Brachman, Foreign Policy:

Tuesday October 12:

Inspiring Idolatry – Aaron Weisburd, Internet Haganah:

Inspire 2 – Thomas Hegghammer, Jihadica:

The AQ-AQAP Distinction, State Secrets, and the Al-Awlaki Suit – Robert Chesney, Lawfare:

The 10th Anniversary of the USS Cole bombing – Jane Novack, Armies of Liberation:

Super-Lawnmower Death Cars and the Banal Petulance Of American Jihadis – Brian O’Neil, Always Judged Guilty:

Wednesday October 13:

Mowing Machines And Other Circus Acts – J.M. Berger, IntelWire:

ICT’s Jihadi Websites Monitoring Group releases its Periodical Review September 2010 – No. 2

The Year of the Motorbike Assassination in Yemen – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:

Somalia’s Second Islamist Threat: A Backgrounder on Hizb al Islam – Nathaniel Horadam, Critical Threats Project:

Thursday October 14:

War reporting in Yemen – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:

Friday October 15:

An Ex-Jihadi in the Arctic – Thomas Hegghammer, Jihadica:

A Financial Profile of the Terrorism of AQ and its Affiliates – Juan Miguel del Cid Gómez, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Review of Assaf Moghadam’s The Globalization of Martyrdom: Al Qaeda, Salafi Jihad, and the Diffusion of Suicide Attacks – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa:

Reflections on the al Qaeda plot in Europe – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Long War Journal: