Articles of the Week – 10/2-10/8

Saturday October 2:

America’s Dangerous Drone Addiction – Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy:

Reflections on al-Maqdisi’s Arrest – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica:

Why Two Osama bin Laden Messages Instead Of One? – J.M. Berger, IntelWire:

Monday October 4:

Can Recantations Prevent Radicalisation? – Howard G. Clark, FREE Rad!cals:

Thoughts on “Open” Space and AQIM – Kal, The Moor Next Door:

Wednesday October 6:

Fahd al-Qusa’: Survey Says.. – Gregory D. Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:

Kings, clerics and the paradox of Saudi society – Ian Siperco, The Middle East Channel:

Thursday October 7:

Should the U.S. Help Break Up Somalia? – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, The Atlantic:

How We’ve Changed al-Qaeda – Aaron Y. Zelin, The Atlantic:

Friday October 8:

Chechen Insurgency Commanders Appeal To Compatriots – Liz Fuller, Caucasus Report:

Yemen ought to be a full member of the GCC – Steve C. Caton, Foreign Policy: