Articles of the Week – 9/25-10/1

Monday September 27:

Al-Qaeda Victory in Yemen – Howard Clark – FREE Rad!cals

Cheering for Osama: How jihadists use internet discussion forums – Mohammed Ali Musawi, Quilliam Foundation

Critical Questions Regarding the Role of Foreign Fighters in al Shabaab – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Threat Matrix

Tuesday September 28:

Mysterious Al-Qaeda leader killed in Pakistan – Florian Flade, Jih@d Blog

The Ideological-Political Training of Iran’s Basij – Dr. Saeid Golkar, The Crown Center for Middle East Studies

Wednesday September 29:

The New Amnesia – Bruce Hoffman, The National Interest

Thursday September 30:

The ‘Spillover’ Fallacy: Islamic Militants in Central Asia – Lois Kapila, World Politics Review

Are al Qaeda capacities on the rise? – Mary Habeck, Foreign Policy

Meet a Jihobbyist: Week 1 Analysis – Jarret Brachman:

Friday October 1:

New video statement from Usāmah Bin Lāden: “Stop the Method of Relief Work” – Aaron Y. Zelin, Jihadology

Comparative Counterinsurgency in Yemen – Jane Novack, The Middle East Review of International Affairs Journal

Our Man in Sanaa- Why the West’s favorite Yemeni strongman must go – Ellen Knickmeyer, Foreign Policy

Foreign Fighters- Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones – Frank J. Cilluffo, Jeffrey B. Cozzens, and Magnus Ranstorp, Homeland Security Policy Institute:

Bin Laden’s Rebranding Campaign – Jarret Brachman: