News Yemen reports that al-Qā’idah in Abyan (AQAP) circulated statement denying members were arrested or surrendered

Here are the key points from the News Yemen article:

Al-Qaeda in Yemen has distributed a proclamation in Zinjibar city of Abyan province under the name of “Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula,” denying “allegations” of the security authorities that they have arrested 10 al-Qaeda fighters in Lawder, according to News Yemen correspondent in Abyan.

The statement, which was distributed for some mosques, markets and shops in the city, denied press reports that seven members of al-Qaeda were killed and others surrendered to the security authorities in Abyan.

The statement described reports as “media campaign to deform the reputation of al-Qaeda amongst people,” confirming that al-Qaeda still controls the situation in Lawder and mujahideen remain strong,” according to the correspondent of News Yemen in Zinjibar.

The statement called upon what he called their fellow Muslims not to get information from the official media and to get it from “truthful brothers and Mujahideen’s websites on the internet like Al-Fajr Media Center and the network of supporters of the Mujahideen and the Fallujah blog and others.”

The proclamation said that the state of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, it labeled him as “black Ansi”, has launched military and media campaigns against Mujahideen with assistance of U.S. spy planes, asserting that Mujahideen will continue jihad against the “enemies of the religion.”