Articles of the Week – 7/10-7/16

Saturday July 10:

“Is Nothing Sacred in the Islamic Republic of Iran?” – Naghmeh Sohrabi, The Crown Center for Middle East Studies

“We Must Not Forget about Yemen” – Chris Harnisch, The National Review

Sunday July 11:

“Counting al Qaeda- Leon Panetta’s numbers aren’t to be trusted” – Bill Roggio & Daveed Gatenstein-Ross, The Weekly Standard

“Full AQAP Inspire Issue Posted Online” – J.M. Berger, IntelWire:

Monday July 12:

“Inspire Magazine, This Time it’s for real” – Aaron Weisburd, The Internet Haganah:

“The Homegrown Terror Threat” – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, inFocus

“How Al-Qaeda Prepares Attacks Against the West: What the July 7-8 Rollup Revealed – Charlie Szrom, Critical Threats Project

Tuesday July 13:

“Al Qaeda in Norway”  – B. Raman, International Terrorism Monitor

“Thoughts on the attacks in Uganda” – Leah Farrall, All Things Counterterrorism

“Expanding the Campaign of Violence: al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s English-Language Magazine” – Katherine Zimmerman, Critical Threats Project

“Why Does al-Qaeda have a problem with Norway?” – Thomas Hegghammer & Dominic Tierney, The Atlantic

“What’s the Minbar doing in Moscow? (Part 3)” – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica

“Lions, SalafiMedia.Com, Oh My…” – Jarret Brachman:

Exclusive Interview with Abū Talḥah al-Amrīkī of Revolution Muslim – The al-Maktabah Blog

“Democracy on Hold in Yemen” – Ginny Hill, Arab Reform Bulletin

Wednesday July 14:

“Is al-Qaeda Racist?” – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, LWJ’s Threat Matrix Blog:

Interview with the wife of Abu Mus’ab al-Suri:

“Al Shabaab’s First International Strike: Analysis of the July 11 Uganda Bombings” – Chris Harnisch, Critical Threats Project:

“Why We Should Care About Hizb ut-Tahrir in the United States” – Madeleine Gruen, Investigative Project on Terrorism

“Al Shabaab’s Grim Milestone In Uganda” Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, FOX News:

Thursday July 15:

New issue of CTC Sentinel released:

Friday July 16:

This week in the Legal War on Terror – 7/10-7/16 – Andrew Lebovich, Foreign Policy: