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Articles of the Week – 8/18-8/24

Monday August 20:

Terrorism is Terrorism – Rémi Brulin, Foreign Policy: http://bit.ly/NXNfh6

Tuesday August 21:

The curious case of Colleen LaRose: Social margins, new media, and online radicalization - Jeffry R Halverson and Amy K Way, Media, War & Conflict: http://bit.ly/Ouy8hn

Wednesday August 22:

Attiyat Allah Obituary in Talai’ Khorasan – Yassin Musharbash, AbuSusu Blog: http://bit.ly/PXDtkj

Trying to Understand MUJWA – Andrew Lebovich, al-Wasat: http://bit.ly/NKFDPO

Thursday August 23:

The Strategic Limitations of Boko Haram in Southern Nigeria – Jacob Zenn, CTC Sentinel: http://bit.ly/P2Q5B9

Understanding Drivers of Violent Extremism: The Case of al-Shabab and Somali Youth – Muhsin Hassan, CTC Sentinel: http://bit.ly/OdXRMt


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