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Articles of the Week – 3/17-3/23

Saturday March 17:

The End of a Romance? The Rise and Fall of an American Jihadi: Omar Hammami’s Relationship with Somalia’s Al-Shabab – Christopher Anzalone, al-Wasat: http://bit.ly/xmIL12

Sunday March 18:

On Algeria/AQIM/MOJWA – Kal, TheMoorNextDoor: http://bit.ly/GK4miN

Monday March 19: 

Understanding The Al-Shabaab/Al-Qaeda ‘Merger’ – Abdi Aynte, African Arguments: http://bit.ly/FRFhni

On the “head of infidelity” and the tale of Abdul-Rahman ibn Awf – Charles Cameron, ZenPundit: http://bit.ly/xFyG7s

Hammami’s Plight Amidst al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda’s Game of Thrones – Clint Watts and Andrew Lebovich, Homeland Security Policy Institute: http://bit.ly/GMXHXT

The Vulnerabilities of Online Terrorism – Manuel R. Torres Soriano, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: http://bit.ly/FPWtbj

Radicalization of Homegrown Sunni Militants in the United States: Comparing Converts and Non-Converts – Scott Matthew Kleinmann, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: http://bit.ly/FPWyM8

Australian Neo-Jihadist Terrorism: Mapping the Network and Cell Analysis Using Wiretap Evidence – Shandon Harris-Hogan, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: http://bit.ly/FPWDzr

Islam and Arabic as the Rhetoric of Insurgency: The Case of the Caucasus Emirate – Alexander Knysh, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: http://bit.ly/FQfD63

The advent of “informal” Islamists – Khalil al-Anani, The Mideast Channel: http://bit.ly/GzsBo7

Tuesday March 20:

How to Deter Terrorism – Matthew Kroenig & Barry Pavel, The Washington Quarterly: http://bit.ly/GDaVIf

Wednesday March 21:

Are Zawahiri and Godane killing off al-Qaeda members? – Clint Watts, SelectedWisdom: http://t.co/9lQhAT1z

Forsane Alizza: Background Brief – ICT’s Jihadi Website Monitoring Group: http://bit.ly/GXlLag

Forsane Alizza: progenitor of the Toulouse shooter – Internet Haganah: http://bit.ly/GDGIq2

Thursday March 22:

Reading the Bible in the light of Muslim sources: from isrāʾīliyyāt to islāmiyyāt – Ismail Albayrak, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations: http://bit.ly/GEQ0kQ

The impact of policing British Muslims: a qualitative exploration – Imran Awan, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism: http://bit.ly/GEQbfU

The Evidence of Al-Qa`ida’s Role in the 2004 Madrid Attack – Fernando Reinares, CTC Sentinel: http://bit.ly/GHKoeb

Assessing Al-Qa`ida’s Presence in the New Libya – Aaron Y. Zelin and Andrew Lebovich, CTC Sentinel: http://bit.ly/GITVif


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