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Articles of the Week – 4/23-4/29

Tuesday April 26:

The Limits of Gamification – Will McCants, Jihadica: http://bit.ly/hNCNUt

Some thoughts on “gamification”: Where the loser takes it all – J.M. Berger, IntelWire: http://intelwire.net/gC2ItP

Jihad on Twitter: Transnational Jihadi-Takfiri Media Outlet Sets-up Twitter Account – Christopher Anzalone, al-Wasat: http://bit.ly/hwvy9Q

Wednesday April 27:

A French Jihādī in Crisis: “Role Exit” and Repression – Romain Caillet, The Muslim World Journal: http://bit.ly/dN9NNT

Ibn Taymiyya’s “New Mardin Fatwa”. Is genetically modified Islam (GMI) carcinogenic? – Yahya Michot, The Muslim World Journal: http://bit.ly/g1aQ3f

The Militarization of Islamism: Al-Qā’ida and Its Transnational Challenge – M.M. Ould Mohamedou, The Muslim World Journal: http://bit.ly/gEGPtC

The Tipton Three: Things Not Quite Adding Up – Raffaello Pantucci, Free Rad!cals: http://bit.ly/dGpUV8

Einige Gedanken zur Internet-Propaganda der IMU – Ahmad al-Zaky, Ma’alim fi al-Tariq Blog: http://bit.ly/dLpDbs

Lashkar-e-Taiba: Past Operations and Future Prospects - Stephen Tankel, New America Foundation: http://bit.ly/k2YJSd

Thursday April 28:

New CTC Sentinel released: http://bit.ly/kPL01v

Morocco bombings & AQIM - Geoff Porter, Selected Wisdom: http://lnkd.in/rSxzUx


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