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Articles of the Week – 6/26-7/2

Saturday June 26:

“The Muslim Past- Book Review of “Faith and Power” & “Muhammad and the Believers”” – Max Rodenbeck, The New York Timeshttp://nyti.ms/blRwDG

Sunday June 27:

“Endless war, a recipe for four-star arrogance” – Andrew J. Bacevich, The Washington Posthttp://bit.ly/cFmDcd

Monday June 28:

“Prisons and Terrorism: Radicalisation and De-radicalisation in 15 Countries” – Peter R. Neumann, et. al,  The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violencehttp://bit.ly/9Rt4a2

“Counterinsurgency Under the Microscope” – Andrew Exum, Abu Muqawama Bloghttp://bit.ly/bfzrgr

“From Sayyid Qutb To Hamas: The Middle East Conflict and Islamization of Antisemitism – Bassam Tibi, Yale University Working Paper Serieshttp://bit.ly/ctPYMF

Tuesday June 29:

“Abu Yahya al-Libi’s Long, Lonely Journey” – Jarret Brachman: http://bit.ly/9Hfmv9

“How Tribal Are the Taleban? Afghanistan’s Largest Insurgent Movement between its Tribal Roots and Islamist Ideology” – Thomas Ruttig, The Afghanistan Analysts Networkhttp://bit.ly/aR36Hl

“Estimates for Hezbollah’s Arsenal” – David Schapiro & Katherine Zimmerman, IranTrackerhttp://bit.ly/cWCC3S

“Islamist Radicalism in Yemen” (Updated) – Deborah Jerome, Council on Foreign Relationshttp://bit.ly/aFe361

“Views of Pakistani Religious Leader Dr. Israr Ahmed (1932-2010) Regarding the Structure of an Islamic Caliphate” – The Middle East Media Research Institutehttp://bit.ly/bG8mQF

“An Al-Shabaab Narco-Terrorism Connection?” – Investigative Project on Terrorismhttp://bit.ly/cRXkoG

Wednesday June 30:

“The Haqqanis and al-Qaeda” – Anand Gopal, Mansur Khan Mahsud and Brian Fishman, The AfPak Channelhttp://bit.ly/9NdXYM

The reason why the new al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula magazine “Inspire” was corrupted & then taken down from the forums – Internet Haganahhttp://bit.ly/alZhaR

“Pakistani Terror Group Lashkar-e Tayyiba Extends Tentacles in United States” – The Investigative Project on Terrorismhttp://bit.ly/dtNEvn

Thursday July 1:

“Al-Qaeda in Iraq: Eliminating Leaders Will Not Necessarily Cut Lifelines” – Omar Ashour, Arab Reform Bulletinhttp://bit.ly/avX3u1

“Tariq Ramadan: Exposing the Irrelevance of His Defenders in America” – Dr. Robert D. Crane, The American Muslimhttp://bit.ly/aS5SZs

“Four Questions for Yemen Scholar Gregory Johnsen” – The Atlantichttp://bit.ly/a8ApNC

“Counting al-Qaeda” – Brian Fishman, The AfPak Channelhttp://bit.ly/aYVvqN

“Top Twenty Plots to Know since 9/11″ – The Center on Law and Securityhttp://bit.ly/9QfVz2

Friday July 2:

“Ruminations on the AQAP magazine and its ridiculous coverage” – J.M. Berger, IntelWirehttp://bit.ly/akv4Rz

“Hiding In Plain Sight- Terrorists in Punjab Province” – Ahmad Majidyar, Foreign Policyhttp://bit.ly/9lW9f6


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